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News   April 17, 2023   by Adam Malik

These parts were released by Bosch in Q1

Bosch announced it added 52 automotive aftermarket parts to its portfolio so far this year.

The additions of three braking parts, 16 fuel and water pumps, two ignition coils, 30 sensors and one fuel injector cover almost 22 million vehicles in operation across North America.

Bosch’s braking parts and assemblies include the new Bosch Hydro-Boost Braking Assembly, the QuietCast Disc Brake Pads and Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads.

The Bosch GDI Fuel Injector is a direct replacement for most domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Included in 16 new fuel pump parts is the Bosch Auxiliary Water Pump, which is equipped with a sealed pump chamber, an independent heating system and an EV and hybrid compatible cabin heat control system to complement the increasing use of ADAS and Body Electronics.

The two original equipment ignition coils specifically cover later-model European and Asian vehicle applications.

The 30 new oxygen sensors cover more than 10 million vehicles in operation.

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