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News   November 7, 2023   by Adam Malik

The car with the highest price jump

Photo by Ford

The Ford Mustang GT has seen the biggest price jump over the last decade, whether or not you account for inflation.

In 2013, the Mustang could be had for just over $31,000, according to analysis from Rerev, which provides automotive guides and repair insights. If held steady, that number would be at just under $41,000 when accounting for inflation. However, that vehicle is now $58,000 at the dealer, an inflation-adjusted increase of 41.5 per cent.

Second on the list is the BMW M5, with price jumping to $108,895 from $60,100 in 2023. “This price increase is partially due to the redesign and enhanced tech features,” the announcement said.

On the flip side, the Toyota Corolla actually went down in price when accounting for inflation. It’s selling price today is about $21,700 — it’s inflation-adjusted 2013 price would be more than $23,500.

“This makes it 7.79 per cent more affordable today,” Rerev stated. “Having the same upgrades as Camry, Toyota uses the same strategy for Corolla models as well to have a more competitive price.”

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