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News   November 12, 2015   by Allan Janssen

Survey shows support for mandatory winter tires

More than half of Canadians favor mandatory winter tire use.

That’s according to a survey conducted by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants of 1,500 light vehicle owners across the country.

Predictably, Quebeckers were the biggest advocates of winter tires. More than 90% of residents of the only province where winter tire use is mandated were in favor of winter tire legislation.

Atlantic Canada was also largely in favor, with 71.5% support.

Alberta (48.4 percent), Ontario (45.9 percent) and Manitoba/Saskatchewan (44.9 percent) residents were more closely distributed in their responses, while British Columbia had the lowest level of support.

Considering the national average, 57.2 percent of respondents believe winter tires should be mandatory while 31.5 percent were against the idea (with the remaining 11.3 percent citing they weren’t sure either way).

According to DesRosiers, the results were not greatly influenced by respondent gender, income, education, or age.


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2 Comments » for Survey shows support for mandatory winter tires
  1. Dan says:

    So… What can we do to make it LAW?

  2. Peter S says:

    Although people would prefer it would be mandatory they would probably have a different opinion when they have to pay for it. I’ve even heard of new car sales reps mentioning “It’s 4 wheel drive so you don’t need snow tires”. I guess they will say anything to make a sale.

    For those that take winter driving seriously, what about studded tires? Southern Ontario is the only region in Canada where they are never allowed. I believe that law was passed in the 70s when hooks were screwed into tubed bias ply tires. Most likely there was damage to the roads but I have a good feeling that technology has changed in the past 40 years. There are different heads, lengths and even some that are ceramic.

    Now that would be a story.

    Peter S

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