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News   January 25, 2018   by Adam Malik

Spectra releases new part numbers

Spectra Premium has announced 79 new part numbers, many of which are first-to-market. The announcement covers more than 17 million vehicles in operations.

In engine management, 33 new parts were added, including 12 VVT solenoids, six mass air flow, three crankshaft position sensors, three camshaft position sensors, three EGR pressure sensors, two ignition coils and one first-to-market electronic throttle body for popular applications.

In cooling systems, the category grew with 20 new SKUs – eight heavy duty aluminum radiators, eight air conditioning condensers, three complete radiators and three engine coolant reservoirs.

The fuel delivery category added two fuel lines, one fuel tank sending unit and one fuel pump cam follower, along with 10 filler neck hose and 6 fuel tank filler necks.

The oil pan category expanded to include three first-to-market oil pans exclusive to Spectra.

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