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News   March 11, 2024   by Adam Malik

SKF, Cabin Air partner on new purification system

SKF has partnered with CabinAir to launch the SKF Smart Air Purification System in the automotive aftermarket, enhancing vehicle in-cabin air quality. This system surpasses traditional solutions by removing over 10 times more pollutants, effectively targeting ultrafine particles, viruses and bacteria.

It combines active particle charging and mechanical filtration, offering a healthier and safer driving environment.

Key benefits include a healthier ride due to the removal of harmful particles, a safer ride with reduced virus transmission and continuous air quality monitoring through the Nordzone app.

The app provides real-time data and tips for maintaining healthy air levels. The system requires a one-time installation and periodic filter changes, aligning with SKF’s and CabinAir’s commitment to improved automotive health and safety standards​.

“In short, our combination of two technologies provides you with healthy air for your journey,” said Daniel Hagström, CEO and co-founder at CabinAir Sweden. “It addresses the critical issue of ultrafine particles entering the respiratory system during vehicle use.”

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