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News   April 9, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Shop launches program to help other stores in town

Hayley Nicklin and her dog Quinn were among the first patrons of Eccles Auto Service in Dundas, Ont., to be given a gift card to a local restaurant. Shop owner Scott Eccles came up with the program to help fellow business owners in the downtown core who have been impacted by social distancing guidelines.


Feeling particularly fortunate to be allowed to operate when so many other stores have to close, shop owner Scott Eccles is doing what he can to help.

He purchased gift cards to a number of business that have had to change the way they operate, and he’s handing them out to customers so they’ll keep spending. Some stores in his home town of Dundas, Ont., have resorted to selling their wares online, and a number of sit-down restaurants have turned into curbside “walk-throughs.” Other stores, on the other hand, have had to close their doors entirely. The inequity of the situation I had this idea of helping

“I contacted nine or 10 business and I bought $100 worth of gift cards from every one of them,” he said. “Over the course of seven to 10 days, I’ll give two or three away every morning.”

The plan is to give them out randomly, to people who had an appointment booked that day.

“We want to push people to still spend money within the downtown core,” he said.

Like a lot of auto service shops throughout the country, Eccles Auto Service is operating with altered hours, reduced staff, and completely revamped procedures.



You can hear my conversation with Scott Eccles HERE.


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