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News   March 24, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Quebec list of essential services includes vehicle repair

The provincial government in Quebec has deemed service and repairs on emergency vehicles to be essential services.

The list of essential services includes the “mechanical repair of motor vehicles, trucks and specialized equipment for industries deemed essential and roadside assistance.”

All non-essential services must shut down by midnight tonight.

Quebec Premier François Legault’s announced Monday that Quebec is being put in partial lockdown, with all non-essential stores are being closed until at least April 13.

So far, three other provinces – Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick – have designated the aftermarket as an essential part of the economy during province-wide emergencies.

Here is the complete list of what can stay open in Quebec:


Grocery stores

Convenience stores


Garbage collection

Hardware stores

Public transit

Media and communications services

Taxis and adapted transport

Liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries

Courthouses (minimal services)


Gas stations and garages

Funeral homes and cemeteries


Dry cleaners and laundromats

Restaurant takeout counter service

Dentists and optometrists (emergency services).

Veterinary services

Animal shelters

Medical and orthopedic supply stores


Ports and airports

Blood services (Red Cross) and organ donation services

Red Cross

Police and fire services

Correctional officers


Food distribution networks

Food inspection services

Transport and storage services

Postal services and couriers

Construction services including infrastructures deemed essential

Construction rental equipment

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2 Comments » for Quebec list of essential services includes vehicle repair
  1. Steve says:

    For the province of Quebec, it is CLEARLY STATED, repairs (not maintenance) are to be done on vehicles used for essential services. We could stretch the rule to fix a doctor’s car for example, but nothing for the general public. The whole point of this is to PREVENT the virus to spread. Why the hell are we trying to fight to be called an essential service to stay open, to be part of the problem?

  2. Daren Hodgson says:

    I second that opinion from Steve.
    I closed my garage (3 bays) out of precaution on the 13th.
    I tried to implement precautionary guidelines to my staff and clients and only half were co-operating, so they left me no choice but to shut down.
    Not worth the health risks for a couple of tire and oil changes.
    The majority of customers understand why.

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