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News   November 20, 2023   by Adam Malik

New tire digitization platform from Anyline

Anyline has launched its Tire & Vehicle Analytics platform. It delivers real-time, actionable insights for automotive service providers, fleet operators and OEMs.

Tire & Vehicle Analytics allows tire sidewall, tire tread, VIN, license plate, driver’s license and odometer scans to be tracked, analyzed and correlated with external data sources, to provide fresh insights and help to identify the 27 per cent of all tires on the road which are dangerously worn out.

“Digitally collecting data from vehicles and tires provides huge value for individuals, auto retailers, service centers and fleet managers,” says Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder, Anyline. “Mining that data for intelligence can help predict maintenance issues, vehicle health, tire life expectancy and much more. We deliver operational and strategic recommendations directly to drivers, service technicians and decision makers in real time.”

Anyline Tire & Vehicle Analytics delivers value for automotive service providers by enabling them to better forecast demand and order tires or parts ‘just in time’ to avoid customer delays. It also helps garages alert their customers if a tire or vehicle is subject to recall, or if maintenance is required.

The analytics platform also provides a wealth of information about tires. By comparing the wear of various tire brands across different vehicles and geographies, recommendations can be made about the optimal choice of tire for any set of circumstances. For fleet companies this information can be used to assess driver performance and accurately predict when tires will need retreading or reinflation in order to improve fuel efficiency and ensure legal compliance.

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