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News   March 6, 2023   by Adam Malik

New piston technology from Speed of Air

Speed of Air (SoA) Engine Technologies announced it has developed patented technology to enhance medium-duty engine efficiency for Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax.

The company’s patented piston treatment on its Hyperformance Pistons increases torque and horsepower while reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. These improvements also contribute significantly to extending engine life and reducing service intervals.

The SoA patented technology primarily consists of precise, CNC-machined indentations on the piston top, called turbulators, often described simply as “dimples.” The turbulators create a thinner, well-attached boundary layer between the air-fuel mixture, its flame front and the combustion chamber walls. This layer allows the combustion flame front to burn much closer to the cool metal walls of the combustion chamber, thereby increasing overall combustion efficiency.

Lower soot emissions provides better engine longevity and fewer service intervals.

The Hyperformance pistons also include the application of aerospace-proven thermal barrier and anti-friction coatings on the piston crowns and skirts, respectively. The thermal barrier coating retains heat in the combustion process, thus providing additional efficiency and power. The anti-friction coating minimizes abrasion and resistance for even more efficiency. The combined technologies of a Speed of Air Hyperformance piston provide documented and significant benefits with a distinct value proposition.

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