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News   September 25, 2017   by Adam Malik

New filter reduces brake dust particles

A new brake dust particulate filter has been designed by Mann+Hummel to reduce particles created when braking.

The filter can be adapted to existing installation space in the area of the brake disc. The brake dust particulate filter can be used with all types of vehicles, whether it be a gas, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicle.

The new filter reduces the emission of particulates, which means fewer harmful brake dust emissions are able to contribute to air pollution, the company said in an announcement, adding that more than 90 per cent of brake dust consists of ultra-fine particles which have a negative effect on human health.

A September 2016 study from the World Health Organization found that 92 per cent of the world’s population live in areas where air quality levels exceed the group’s limits.

“The robust housing of the filter fitted close to the brake caliper allows the filter to prevent the emission directly at the source of fine dust to the ambient air. This is especially useful in city traffic, where frequent braking occurs,” the announcement said.

The filter is made from temperature- and corrosion-resistant material. It retains the fine dust particles where it is created, which prevents dirtying alloy rims and the time-consuming job of manually removing brake dust.

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