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News   December 12, 2022   by Adam Malik

New DEF Doser repair kit from ProMaxx Tool

ProMaxx Tool’s new DEF Doser Decomposition Reactor Repair ProKit allows diesel technicians to quickly complete on-the-truck repairs on Cummins ISX, ISB, ISC, ISL, Navistar N9, N10, N13, and PACCAR MX-11/M-13 engines.

The kit’s ProPlate fits over the dosing valve mounting plate to align its bolt holes. The included machine-shop-grade drill bit and tap tooling remove broken bolts and chases the threads, restoring them to factory new.

The new DEF Pump Dosing Valve kit is ideal for diesel repair shops that work on vehicles such as Cummins-powered tractors, buses, fire trucks, excavators, garbage trucks and even the light duty Dodge Ram 6.7L pickup truck engine.

“DEF Doser valves malfunction due to exposure to the elements,” said ProMaxx Tool President Jeffrey Del Rossa. “When technicians attempt to replace one, the tiny 6-mm mounting bolts can fracture. A decision to either replace the expensive Decomposition Reactor Tank or try to drill out the broken bolts freehand presents itself. However, the new Doser Valve Repair ProKit rescues the tank, omitting the need to remove it. The kit turns an expensive, hours-long job into roughly a 15-20-minute repair.”

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