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News   November 29, 2021   by Adam Malik

Mitchell 1 update includes tech productivity tracking

Shops will be able to automatically generate productivity statistics as technicians clock in and out of labour operations thanks to the latest software release of the Mitchell 1 Manager SE auto shop management system.

This will allow shops to track tech productivity and the option to track employee shift hours.

The new Technician Time Manager allows technicians to clock in and out of labour operations to track actual time spent for assigned jobs. They start a job clock for a labour item and can pause it for breaks or lunch. When each labour item is finished, they mark that work as completed. This time stamp automatically populates the ‘actual hours’ field for that operation in the Manager SE repair order.

The labour time manager provides an overview of hours and efficiency for each technician. Links are provided directly back to the repair order for fast access if more detail is required. If any clocked time exceeds pay hours it is displayed in red, alerting technicians and managers to view it right away.

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