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News   March 4, 2024   by Adam Malik

Liqui Moly adds new diesel additive

Liqui Moly has unveiled the new DEF Anti Crystal Additive Concentrate, an additive to AdBlue. aimed at improving the efficiency of diesel engines while ensuring compliance with nitrogen oxide emission standards.

The additive targets the exhaust gas treatment system, specifically the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology crucial for reducing nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust.

“The additive lowers the temperature to achieve the Leidenfrost effect, promoting residue-free decomposition of AdBlue and reducing liquid film formation on the exhaust surface,” said David Kaiser, head of research and development at Liqui Moly.

Additionally, the concentrate combats the formation of urea crystals and deposits that can clog the AdBlue system, potentially leading to damage and error messages in the engine control unit. It also addresses the cold sensitivity of the AdBlue solution by lowering its freezing point to about minus 16 degrees Celsius, offering protection against freezing in colder conditions.

However, Kaiser emphasized the additive’s preventive nature, indicating that existing crystallization requires mechanical removal.

The product is now available in a 2.5-litre plastic container

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