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News   February 6, 2024   by Adam Malik

Hyundai, Kia teaming up on fuel cell tech

Kia’s booth display at the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto

Hyundai and Kia Corporation have teamed up with an American materials company to enhance hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The automakers and W.L. Gore & Associates announced they would jointly develop advanced polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) technology for hydrogen fuel cell systems. The partnership aims to propel the next generation of fuel cell electric commercial vehicles.

This collaboration will focus on key elements of PEM development, a critical component in hydrogen fuel cell technology. PEMs are used to conduct protons between two electrodes in a hydrogen fuel cell, playing a pivotal role in the overall performance and durability of the system. They prevent the direct combination of hydrogen and oxygen gases, selectively conducting protons and generating an electrical current to power vehicles.

The partnership builds upon a 15-year history of collaborative efforts in the field of fuel cells. The three companies are now concentrating on developing an optimized fuel cell system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. The focus will be on enhancing the system’s performance and durability to meet the rigorous demands of commercial usage.

“We are entering the next chapter of our partnership with Gore,” remarked Chang Hwan Kim, head of battery development and hydrogen and fuel cell development at Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation. “This extended collaboration, leveraging 15 years of joint efforts, positions us to acquire cutting-edge fuel cell technology and lead the fuel cell electric vehicle market. Our goal is to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future.”

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