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News   May 10, 2023   by Adam Malik

How profitable Mahle expects electrification to be

The superior continuous torque (SCT) e-motor by Mahle

Mahle announced that it’s transforming itself as the automotive industry itself transforms.

The automotive component supplier highlighted electrification and thermal management as core focuses of its corporate strategy “Mahle 2030+,” in addition to components for high-efficiency green internal combustion engines.

The company said it sees the sales potential of components tied to electric vehicles to be three times as high when compared to internal combustion engines.

“With a large number of innovative, high-efficiency products for e-mobility and our proven system competence in thermal management, we will leverage growth opportunities,” said Mahle CEO Arnd Franz during a press conference recently.

The company pointed to 14 per cent sales growth last year. The technology group received new orders totalling more than €11 billion, with about half not connected to ICE vehicles. The strongest growth, it noted, was in the business units of thermal management (up 16 per cent) and electronics and mechatronics (up 13 per cent) — both especially relevant for e-mobility.

Mahle’s electrification strategy will see the company is focusing on electric drives and smart charging.

It has electric motors that has garnered attention, Mahle said. The Superior Continuous Torque (SCT) electric motor is the an electric traction motor that can deliver high power continuously, making it attractive for use in commercial vehicles.

The magnet-free Contactless Transmitter (MCT) electric motor requires no rare earth elements and works efficiently without wear.

In Mahle chargeBIG, the company has a tried and tested charging solution for parking lots available in the marketplace. The company also is working on wireless charging together with Siemens.

Battery partnership

MAHLE and Midtronics, Inc. announced a partnership to jointly develop service equipment for battery electric vehicles. The agreement will see shops equipped with safe, easy-to-use and effective service for lithium-ion batteries, from battery diagnostics to maintenance, regardless of brand and over the entire life cycle of the batteries and vehicles.

“In the age of electromobility, battery service gets a whole new meaning for independent workshops. With our partnership with Midtronics we are therefore opening up a new chapter for a one-stop battery service,” explained Georges Mourad, director of global service solutions for Mahle.

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