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News   December 6, 2021   by Adam Malik

GPN system introduced for Victor Reinz products

Dana Incorporated has set up a global part number (GPN) system for its Victor Reinz line of products.

This smart part numbering format utilizes a fully numeric part-numbering system that aligns with Victor Reinz products globally. The company manufactures original equipment gaskets.

The Victor Reinz engine gasket GPN sequence is standardized to the gasket application, making it easy to find the right gasket for the job. The part number prefix defines the part type and the nine-digit numerical format eases gasket kit selection using the smart part numbering format.

The numerical nomenclature also makes it easier to key in orders and optimize the use of inventory on hand by matching the first seven numbers, recognizing material interchanges found in the last two digits.

For easy identification of the kits, the first two digits of the GPN define the kit type, the middle digits designate kit contents, and the last two digits designate internal changes.  The numbering system clearly defines the products between a set and a single component.  The same application and same kit equal the same part number anywhere in the world.

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