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News   February 28, 2024   by Alana Baker

From the Magazine: Perseverance, commitment, action

Building on the right to repair momentum in 2024

2023 saw a rejuvenated voice for Canada’s auto care sector, supported by bolstered advocacy efforts to address a top issue of concern: Legislated access to vehicle data, safeguarding the rights of consumers to secure mechanical and collision repair services in the automotive aftermarket — otherwise known as the right to repair.

Over the last 18 months, AIA Canada moved swiftly to generate a political plan of action, which involved key initiatives, such as the launch of a global right to repair position statement; a dedicated microsite,; and the execution of a targeted multi-partisan direct outreach campaign, including AIA Canada’s cornerstone advocacy event, Parliament Hill Day.

Thanks to the support of our members, AIA Canada and the industry have since seen several wins, including the first right to repair law (including vehicles) enacted in Canada in the province of Quebec; the unanimous passing of federal Bill C-244 in the House of Commons, and now being studied in the Senate; for the first time, a commitment in the 2023 Federal Budget to implement a right to repair framework; and, also for the first time, a further expanded commitment in the 2023 Fall Economic Statement in support of Canadians’ right to repair.

Each achievement plays a vital role in charging a path forward to achieving standalone national legislation. However, while we have moved the needle in the right direction, this work is only just beginning. And there is much more to be done.

As we hit the ground running in 2024, our focus will be centred around securing additional support and financial resources to assist in the roll-out of a continued and strengthened campaign and see the government through on its 2023 commitments in pursuit of a legislated solution.

Importantly, it is also imperative that the industry mobilize a strong opposing voice to counter the thinking that an outdated voluntary agreement is enough — a message that is constantly shared by the automakers in their pushback and continues to penetrate the thinking of federal decision-makers. The risk of inaction is too great to not alter this status quo mindset.

Our government advocacy and media work will continue; however, we will not be successful without engagement from industry at the local grassroots level. Indeed, grassroots communication of concerns has the greatest impact on political representatives.

With competition and affordability top of mind, newly announced Government of Canada electric vehicle sales regulations, and another federal election upon us before we know it, we cannot afford to wait.

The time is now, and we need your help. To support the future of vehicle right to repair, protect your business, customers and your bottom line and preserve consumer choice, we urge you to get involved by signing up to become a grassroots champion. Learn more and sign up today by visiting

Successful legal recognition of vehicle right to repair will require a commitment from the entire industry, and a strong dose of perseverance. Remember: Members who speak up get heard by political decision-makers and can positively impact changes.

Alana Baker is vice president of government relations and research at the Automotive Industries Association of Canada. If you are in a position to make a financial contribution to directly support AIA Canada’s right to repair campaign, please contact her at for more information.

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