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News   September 20, 2019   by Allan Janssen

EYE SPY: One shop’s never-ending battle against poor DIY repairs

One of our frequent Eye Spy contributors is Doug Gritner, owner of Doug’s Repair. He’s got a great little business in Alexis Creek, B.C. but, unfortunately, he often finds himself “fixing junk.”

And sometimes his customers take a stab at repairing the vehicle first.  Ya… that’s always interesting!


This 1997 F350 was in for two new batteries and all new connections. The connection issue must have been a big irritant to the vehicle owner – a carpenter – who solved the problem temporarily by driving a nail into the top of the battery to make the contact tighter.

“The hood could still close, but it was a pretty tight fit,” says Doug. “The nail had been driven right into a cell on the battery.”

Here’s another nail doing yeoman’s duty on a 1997 Ford F150. It was holding a tie rod in place for almost a year, until the owner brought it in and Doug got a chance to fix it properly.

“I told you I see some real doozies!” he says.

This 1989 Chevy truck came in for a blown exhaust gasket. “When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes! I questioned the customer when they came to pick it up, and he laughed and said that was to operate the brake lights on his camper when it was being hauled.”



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