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News   October 31, 2022   by Adam Malik

Expansion of serpentine belt kits from Dayco

Dayco is expanding its line of serpentine belt kits. It has introduced 32 new part numbers that cover millions of domestic and import light trucks, SUVs and light-duty fleet vehicles on the road.

Each kit includes all application-specific components needed to complete a front-end accessory drive (FEAD) system repair. The new part numbers include belts, tensioners and pulleys.

Each kit will include at least one of three different Dayco belts depending on application: The standard serpentine belt’s EPDM belt’s rib profile is engineered to conform to high mileage, worn or misaligned drives and helps eliminate noisy belt conditions; the aramid cord belt is specifically for applications that have noise, vibration or harshness issues, or in-drive systems in which tensioner take-up is minimal; and the ela belt is engineered for two to four point drives on light-duty vehicles that don’t require automatic or manual tensioning. The belt allows for the high elongation required for installation while providing proper tension maintenance properties to transmit the accessory loads demanded for the drive.

“The benefit to changing out all front-end components at the same time is that it helps prevent comebacks, reduces noise issues and enhances overall system performance,” said Jay Buckley, director of product management for Dayco North America. “And, our new kits make it easier than ever — as well as more affordable — to complete a full front-end accessory drive repair at the same time.”

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