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News   March 16, 2021   by Christine Hogg

EV Battery Tech launches the IoniX Pro Smart Charger

Rendering of the Proposed Smart Charger Courtesy of the Company (CNW Group/EV Battery Tech)

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. has officially launched of its previously unveiled IoniX Pro EV Smart Charger Series (the “EV Smart Charger“).

With the EV market projected to grow almost five times over the next six years, it is necessary that infrastructure be built to allow for such growth.  One of the most obvious necessities are EV charging stations.  Similar to the absolute requirement of gas stations for gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles to operate, it is equally important to build EV charging stations for EV’s to be able to operate.

EV infrastructure has become a global priority as major governments and corporations have committed to spending billions of dollars (USD) towards building EV charging infrastructure.

EV Battery Tech is introducing a revolutionary new element to the basic EV charger.  The company has combined its Energy Storage System (ESS), which includes its patented and state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) with an EV Charger to launch the revolutionary “Smart Charger”.  The company is confident that this game-changing combination will help expedite the installation of EV infrastructure and disrupt the EV charging industry.

Key features of the EV Smart Charger

Artificial Intelligence

The Company’s patented BMS technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which not only bolsters superior battery monitoring, but also allows for remote maintenance and machine learning capabilities.  This technology is intended to provide greater efficiency, greater reliability and increased safety.

Powered by renewable energy

Given the intermittent nature of renewable energies such as wind and solar power, they are not a reliable source of power for EV charging stations.  However, the company’s new EV Smart Charger is expected to solve the intermittent issue by storing the power and then discharging the electricity into the EV Charger even when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing.  The EV Smart Charger’s AI capabilities is expected to be more efficient with each use as the machine learning will target the best times to be charging and discharging to maximize safety as well as the life of the battery.

Arbitrage – peak shaving

By having the ability to store power, customers of the EV Smart Charger are able to charge the battery during the “offpeak” hours and then discharge the electricity into the EVs during “peak” hours.  This spread between peak and off-peak hours, can be very significant in major cities, with the prices more than doubling or tripling in peak periods.

No extra connection costs

As many building owners have learned, the addition of charging stations usually requires a significant connection cost by the power utility company.  This is due to the increased power required during peak hours.  However, since the battery can be charged during offpeak hours, the building owners are able to potentially avoid this connection fee, by running EV Smart Chargers and only discharging electricity to the EV’s from the stored battery electricity.

A wide range of uses 

EV Battery Tech’s lineup of EV Smart Chargers will include a single charging station, a standard commercial dual charging station and most impressively, our rapid charging station which is expected to power an EV in less than 25 minutes.

The size of the battery and the speed of the charger are variable, so smaller sized units are suited for residential and recreational charging, commercial dual charging stations are customizable for parking garages and office buildings and larger sized rapid-charging models are targeted for roadside super-fast charging.

The company officially started pre-sales of the EV Smart Charger on their website this morning at 5:00 am EST.

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