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News   February 4, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Environment tops Canadians’ reasons to get an EV: J.D. Power

What are Canadians looking for in electric vehicles?

A new infographic by data company J.D. Power suggests it mostly comes down to saving the environment and saving some bucks.

About 70% of Canadians surveyed said the biggest advantage to switching to an EV was the fact that it would be better for the environment. About 60% said saving money wouldn’t hurt either.


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2 Comments » for Environment tops Canadians’ reasons to get an EV: J.D. Power
  1. Bob Ward says:

    I agree the future looks good for EV production. There are two concerns I have.
    1. There is a serious lack of infrastructure for these vehicles.
    2. What is the sustainability of raw materials for battery production? Unethical mining of the raw materials will have serious consequences on the environment. The recycling of batteries is still in its infancy stage and should be developed ahead of production.

  2. Stan Goss says:

    is there an accurate comparison of the carbon footprint of EV vs fossil fuel driven vehicles. Or did the worry about that ratio get put on a ship that I missed the departure of.

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