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News   December 14, 2017   by Adam Malik

Delphi announces new products numbers

More than 110 million vehicles will be covered by Delphi’s latest release of new product numbers. Product categories include fuel, steering and suspension and engine management.

In the fuel management category, 33 new fuel pump module assemblies are being added, plus one new fuel pump hangar assembly. Coverage is said to be 4.8 million vehicles. Eight new GDI high-pressure mechanical fuel pumps, one new mechanical fuel pump, seven new fuel transfer units and one new fuel tank sending unit are also being added, which will cover more than 7.2 million vehicles combined.

The company is added 125 new parts to cover more than 25 million vehicles under its steering and suspension portfolio.

Under engine management, Delphi added 23 new ignition coils to cover more than over 4.4 million vehicles. Furthermore, more than 35 million vehicles will be covered thanks to the addition of 15 mass air flow (MAF) sensors, 86 ABS wheel speed sensors, 15 camshaft position sensors, two coolant temperature sensors, 15 crankshaft position sensors, four manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensors and two vehicle speed sensors.

“We’re excited to announce so many new applications to our fuel, engine management and steering and suspension portfolios,” says Chad Smith, vice president, North America and Global Remanufacturing. “As Delphi continues to grow and expand its product offerings, we want our customers to know they can trust Delphi to have the parts needed for successful repairs, every time.”

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