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News   August 22, 2019   by Renee Montague

Daimler backs new at-home maintenance service

The trend of offering at-home car repair seems to have caught the attention of one of the world’s largest automakers.

 Daimler AG is a major investor in a new maintenance service that brings certified technicians to a customer’s door.

The service, called RepairSmith, promises to dispatch automotive service technicians who “will have full-time hours, be equipped with company vehicles and tools, and trained to deliver a new kind of experience for car owners.”

 Billed as “truly convenient automotive repair and maintenance,” it will be offered in Los Angeles and San Francisco to start.

 RepairSmith is available for all vehicle types and gives car owners the choice to have repairs done at home, at work, or at the shop.

 “Car owners are frustrated by the inconvenience and lack of transparency of the traditional experience,” said RepairSmith CEO Joel Milne. “We are delivering more than a service; we are delivering an entirely new way to repair and maintain your car by providing a trusted online pricing and booking platform while meeting the needs of car owners directly where they need it.”

 RepairSmith has uploaded a short video showing what their service might look like.  See the video HERE.


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3 Comments » for Daimler backs new at-home maintenance service
  1. Mike says:

    Mobile auto repair sounds wonderful! It will probably be come a very popular thing with consumers. However, we aren’t always home when we need a mechanic, so auto repair shops still come in handy.

  2. At home auto repair sounds terrific! I believe that a large part of most auto repair shop’s customer bases would love this idea. It would be very convenient for customers and their families.

  3. Mike says:

    During this time of pandemic, the idea of at home auto repair sounds great! It is a scary world out there and sometimes we just feel safer at home. We seem to like everything else brought to us, why not auto repair?

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