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News   January 15, 2024   by Adam Malik

Conical valve springs from Elgin

Elgin Industries has introduced premium Elgin Pro-Stock conical valve springs engineered for General Motors LS Series and Chrysler Hemi performance engines.

The new springs (#RV-107228Q16) feature a next-generation conical design for superior performance and durability while accommodating the peak valvetrain RPMs associated with high-performance camshafts.

Unlike cylindrical and beehive springs, the conical valve springs help stabilize valvetrain dynamics and provide superior damping without wear, interference contact and other concerns. With a progressively narrower diameter from bottom to top, each coil of a conical spring has its own frequency, dramatically reducing load, increasing the spring’s peak RPM capabilities and enabling customers to use a more aggressive camshaft. A superfinished surface optimizes the springs’ max lift capability and durability.

“Engine builders and performance enthusiasts can always rely on the Elgin PRO-STOCK brand for the latest and best valvetrain technologies for virtually any performance engine, including the full range of modern engine platforms such as LS and Hemi engines,” said Rick Simko, national sales and marketing manager, Elgin Industries.

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