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News   August 23, 2018   by Allan Janssen


In the sixth part of an exclusive new series, James Carter discusses the coming technologies that will change the way your shop operates.

Automotive consultant James Carter says the technologies that will most impact your shop’s future may not be where you most expect them to be found – under the hood of the car.

His latest article in a Knowledge Centre series sponsored by Chevron, says new technologies are coming that will transform the way business is done… and the automotive aftermarket may be one of the first to feel their impacts.

“The technology that you may have looked at in other contexts and thought, ‘That’s cool!’ may actually be directly applicable to your shop in the future,” he writes.

Carter looks at blockchain technology, augmented and virtual reality, voice recognition software, and artificial intelligence as potential game-changers for the aftermarket.

“While these technologies may not be commercially available for your shop today, I suggest keeping a look out for these and others that could improve efficiency and future adaptability for your business,” he writes.

AutoServiceWorld has the latest insights from Carter, the principal consultant at Toronto-based consultancy Vision Mobility.

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Coming technologies that could change your business

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