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News   August 30, 2023   by Adam Malik

Chevrolet bringing back the Bolt

Photo by Chevrolet

Months after scrapping its most popular and affordable electric vehicle, General Motors announced that it is bringing back the Chevrolet Bolt.

During a quarterly earnings call, GM head Mary Barra said her company is responding to demand.

“We can’t build enough Bolts right now,” the chief executive said.

The vehicle is responsible for converting many into GM buyers — the company said about 70 per cent of buyers who trade in a vehicle for a Bolt are trading in a non-GM vehicle.

The revived Bolt will include GM’s latest Ultium battery technology. A new Ultium plant in Ohio is a joint venture between the automaker and LG Energy Solutions out of South Korea.

But there have been difficulties in that technology, according to the company. It said there have been “unexpected delays” in producing Ultium battery modules due to delivery issues from a supplier of automated manufacturing equipment.

Production of Ultium battery cells is “ahead of schedule,” but there have been delays in assembling those cells into clusters known as modules, GM said.

Barra observed that the company built 50,000 EVs in North America in the first half of 2023 — about 80 per cent being the Bolt EV and the slightly larger Bolt EUV that use an older, non-Ultium battery.

The company is planning to build about 100,000 EVs in the second half. Electrified models of the Blazer, Equinox and Silverado are being added to GM’s EV lineup.

When the new Bolt will be released hasn’t been announced but GM said it will introduce it on an “accelerated timeline.”

The Bolt was first introduced in 2017.

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8 Comments » for Chevrolet bringing back the Bolt
  1. Jack Gayle says:

    Glad you’re bringing back the Bolt. With the $7500 from the government it will help out in reducing pollution. The problem still is there won’t be enough people buying it because the car will be overpriced. I know that when so many hands are trying to make money the dream of less pollution will not happen. Most of the commuters are cash stressed so until some automaker comes out with a $15000 to $20000 dollar car you’re buying your own death sooner.

    • S Matos says:

      I’m not sure what cars you can buy under $20K in today’s economy other than very flimsy tiny cars like the chevy spark. My bolt euv came with all the bells and whistles for $32K (except supercruise) with the tax credit was only 24.5K.

  2. The car dealership are adding a $10,000 premium on the MSRP. That’s would increase sales.

    The $7500 tax rebate only applies to those who have a $130,000 taxable income!!

    • Rick Karl says:

      Totally wrong.
      Its not a rebate anymore, its a discount based on your tax liability and its domestic content.
      Also, adding a $10,000 cost increase would not increase sales, it would decrease them.
      Seriously, you should study elementary economic theory.

  3. GM Guy says:

    I have a 2023 bolt EUV and I Love it !!!
    No wonder they sold 50,000 already this year !
    Assembled in Lake Orion Michigan USA !!!
    I was really pissed off when I heard they were discontinuing production, I hope Mary GM Barra decides to assemble this new version in the
    United States !

  4. Jill Sinclair says:

    Was told my purchase of a Bolt 1 week ago had a new battery placed 7/7/23. Charged it, to make sure it was working, and it was out-gassing. Glad I checked. If I can’t get a new battery, then I’ll have to pursue a buy back. Sigh…

  5. Shuu that, No details yet although I believe there is a potential structure being proposed to bring some harmony to the balance. We know a guy that found a team of great talent and belief that has x the motivation and trust to shift gears, getting to midrange performance.

  6. Debra Aguayo says:

    Does anyone know if those of us that have the 2023 bolts will we be offered a new battery?

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