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Commentary: Why YES works
August 6, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Giving in to your employees is not always easy… but it’s often the best strategy.

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COMMENTARY: Jobber of the Year rewards excellence
July 30, 2020 by Allan Janssen

There’s no shortage of success stories in our industry. Tell us who you think is doing a great job.

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COMMENTARY: Don’t help online retailers take over your business!
July 23, 2020 by Auto Service World

Supporting online retailers as their ‘official install centre’ doesn’t make any sense

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Getting real help in real time
July 15, 2020 by Auto Service World

If you’re struggling to repair a vehicle because you can’t find the right service information, get in touch with us. We can help!

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Commentary: The quality alternative
July 8, 2020 by Allan Janssen

The aftermarket has to regain its reputation for being the best solution to automotive problems.

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Blast from the past: Send us your vintage photos!
July 1, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Let’s celebrate the past as we head into the future! Send your old photographs and they may be published in CARS magazine.

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COMMENTARY: Seeking Silver Linings
June 16, 2020 by Allan Janssen

We’ve seen how the coronavirus can divide us… can it also unite us?

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COMMENTARY: Ageism is getting old
June 11, 2020 by Auto Service World

Making generalizations based on age isn’t fair and doesn’t make good business sense.

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COMMENTARY: Who are you in a crisis?
June 9, 2020 by Allan Janssen

Adversity on this scale tends to bring out our essential natures.

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Commentary: Training is no longer an option
June 2, 2020 by Auto Service World

Offering your employees training and career development is a cost of doing business in the modern world.

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Commentary: This was NOT a gender vote
May 18, 2020 by Allan Janssen

If you’re not used to the term ‘Madame Chairman’ being thrown around at AIA meetings, you’re in for a treat.  We’ll hear those words an awful lot over the next year, as Susan Hitchon takes her place in the lead

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Commentary: Our badge of honour
May 13, 2020 by Auto Service World

We’re fortunate to be in an industry that was not only open during the worst of the crisis … it was essential.