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News   October 18, 2018   by Adam Malik

Cardone to expand drive axle assembly line

Cardone Industries recently announced plans to expand its drive axle assembly product line after hearing from its customers.

The company said its innovation team has responded the feedback it has received and identified common failure points in order to re-engineer front and rear drive axles that save technicians time and cut cost.

“Typically, someone would need an expert to rebuild a full axle assembly piece-by-piece or they’d hunt for a suitable part in a junk yard. Our team designed these products to be end-to-end solutions,” said Joe Camacho, innovation product manager. “Our goal with any new product is to create a complete solution. Our Front and Rear Drive Axle Assembly offering embodies that mission.”

Camacho added that full drive axle rebuilds can be costly as they can often take six to eight hours. Cardone said its axle assemblies significantly reduce the cost and time required for a technician to install.

“These drive axle assemblies come ready to install and cut time down to about an hour and a half,” added Camacho. “We aimed to make the sourcing and installation of these drive axle assemblies simple and straight forward. We also offer brand-new U-Bolt Kits, complete with all nuts and washers needed to complete the job.”

The company has also looked at making the sending of core parts and the shipment of drive axle assemblies simple and easy. Technicians can order their axle assembly, then Cardone will send the new part in a reusable crate that the technician can refill with their core part and ship back to Cardone. The company pays for the shipping and takes the value of the core off the total cost.

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