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News   June 27, 2018   by Allan Janssen

BY THE NUMBERS: What we learned this month

Our month column of stats that put the North American automotive aftermarket into perspective.

1 in 5

Approximately 19.9% of new light vehicles in 2017 were registered to fleets in Canada. Fiat-Chrysler was the fleet-friendliest make, with 32.9% of its total registrations destined for fleets.

IHS Automotive & DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc.



Average annual miles driven in the U.S. by new cars and light trucks (three years and younger). Vehicles 4 to 6 years old average 12,200 miles per year. And by age 7 and 8, vehicle miles driven drops to 10,700.

Lang Aftermarket iReport, Lang Marketing



Percentage of SUV or CUV owners who will get a similar vehicle when it needs to be replaced. That’s a much higher loyalty rate than any other body type in the industry.The industry average body-type loyalty is 52.3 percent.

IHS Markit analysis of 17.1 million new vehicle registrations in the U.S.



Number of Ontario work sites where skilled trade workers are employed.

Ontario College of Trades



Only 34% of Ontario drivers who check their tire inflation monthly.

Survey by Leger on behalf of tire makers



Percentage of time that apprentices spend learning from an employer or journeyperson mentor, as opposed to completing tasks independently.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum



Percentage of Canadian consumers who believe autonomous driving is inherently unsafe. That’s down from 69% of Canadian consumers a year ago. Around the world, fear of autonomous vehicles is similarly decreasing. In Germany, 45% consider it dangerous, down from 72% a year ago. In the U.K.: 48%, down from 73%. And in Italy: 30%, down from 66%.

Deloitte 2018 Global Automotive Consumer Study



Percentage of all vehicles in 2020 that will be personally owned. By 2030 that number will drop to 35%. By 2040 it will be down to 30%.

KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2018



Percentage of over 1,500 survey respondents who said they’d prefer a professional shop to handle vehicle maintenance than to do it themselves.

Frost & Sullivan, Vehicle Owners’ Attitudes and Behaviors, March 2016



On average, across 23 categories of vehicle types, the first five years of vehicle ownership will cost owners $1,550 in repairs and $2,718 in maintenance.

Kelley Blue Book Five-Year Cost to Own Awards


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