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News   September 20, 2018   by Allan Janssen

BY THE NUMBERS: What statistics are telling us this month

Statistics that put the North American automotive aftermarket into perspective



$42.5 billion

Canada was the second largest light vehicle importer into the U.S. in 2017, just behind Japan.

DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, Observations, Aug. 16, 2018



Less than a third of consumers pre-book their automotive maintenance and repair.

Frost & Sullivan, Maintenance: Vehicle Owners’ Attitudes and Behaviors, March 2016



Percentage of drivers who say they’d want to have the option to drive themselves, even in a self-driving vehicle. Conversely, 16 percent said they would feel comfortable in an autonomous vehicle without the option of being able to take control.

2018 Cox Automotive Evolution of Mobility Study



In 2010, the percentage of men who achieved the “five milestones of maturity” (finish school, leave home, become financially independent, marry, have a child) by age 30. In 1960, that figure stood at 65% (For women, the percentage was 77% in 1960, dropping to less than 50% in 2010.)

New York Times Magazine


19 months

Average time millennials tend to stay at a full time job – just a little less than baby boomers (21 months) – despite the common perception that millennials have less job security than previous generations.

RBC report



Share of new light vehicle sales in Canada featuring the most popular body style in the country: SUV/CUV. It is followed by sedans (23.3%), sport (14.1%), truck (9.5%), performance (4.2%), and hatchback/wagon (4%).

Jumpstart Automotive Media, Insights Book – 2017-2018 edition



Top reason why a car needs a tow: battery and electrical systems issues. Following far behind are engine cooling system failures (11 percent), and tire damage that cannot be repaired or replaced at the roadside (10 percent).

American Automobile Association



Projected compounded annual growth rate of Canadian electric vehicle sales over the next eight years, growing to some 140,000 vehicles per year in 2026.

Navigant Research


3200 +

Number of franchised automobile and truck dealerships that sell new cars and trucks in Canada, collectively employing more than 140,000 people.

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA)



Percentage of foreign nameplates in the North American “sweet spot” for aftermarket repairs (6 to 10 years old). In 2007, foreign nameplates represented less than 35% of vehicles in the sweet spot.

Lang Aftermarket iReport, Lang Marketing



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