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News   April 15, 2024   by Adam Malik

Bosch launching EV training tour

Out of all ASE-certified techs, only 1.4 per cent are also certified in EV repair. This need for safe and hands-on educational resources to ensure shops are ready for the EV transition is the impetus behind a new training tour focused on EVs.

Bosch has partnered with technician training group AVI to launch the Bosch EV Training Tour. This program, started with a “Breakfast with Bosch” event in Fort Myers, Florida, on March 21 and is set to roll out across the United States starting in early July.

“This course is designed for technicians with an intermediate skill level in EV repair — giving them more hands-on experience to expand their understanding and skill set,” said Daniel Angelo, director of technical services at Bosch.

Scheduled in various cities, the EV Training Tour will offer three one-day, eight-hour courses, each accommodating up to 20 participants. A Bosch-certified AVI professional trainer will deliver the company-crafted curriculum, covering a wide range of EV repair topics, including vehicle fundamentals, electric motor concepts, power electronics, and maintenance and troubleshooting.

Participants will benefit from an interactive learning environment, utilizing training aids developed by AVI to simulate EV and hybrid vehicle systems. This hands-on approach will allow for safe practice on key components such as batteries and motors without the risks associated with live high-voltage systems. Training aids include a cutaway Toyota Gen III Prius, an electric vehicle training aid cart (EVA), and an AC Cart, each designed to demonstrate the workings of different EV systems in a practical, understandable manner.

“Many EV models are well past their warranty – creating an opportunity for independent repair shops to open their business to EV owners. However, without firsthand experience and training, many technicians will be unable to provide these services safely and successfully, and could potentially lose business,” said Tom Rayk, director of training at AVI. “Our technical aids, combined with the Bosch EV repair curriculum, will arm technicians and shop owners with the real-world experience they will need to prepare for the electric vehicle transition.”

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  1. I wonder if this tour will be hitting any Canadian cities?

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