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News   December 6, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

ASW Conversations: Staying safe when installing EV chargers

People are spending big money to get an electric vehicle but are taking shortcuts when it comes to charging, putting themselves, homes and buildings at risk.

James Fraser, general manager of the Electrical Safety Authority, which regulates electrical installations in Ontario, joined host Peter Bulmer in the latest episode of Auto Service World Conversations to discuss issues his agency is seeing around EV charging station installs.

For example, some run a charging cable across a sidewalk to use their stove outlet to charge their vehicle.

“But people will do anything to try to get some electrons into their battery,” he said. “And it’s both dangerous for them and their family. But it’s also something that’s just plain unsafe. And we want to make sure that people install these in a safe manner.”

As aftermarket businesses look to offer EV charging at their locations, it’s important to ensure it’s done right, Fraser said in the episode. This is a new technology and people are mostly unaware of how to properly set up chargers.

For example, it’s important for a shop to do load calculations.

“An improperly installed EV charger can lead to damage in your electrical panel, specifically on the circuit or the breaker that’s feeding that particular charger,” he said. “We’ve seen this where the car was being charged from a panel, but the circuit was not rated properly for it. And it literally turned the breaker into charcoal. It was like one step away from a fire.”

Hear more about EV charging safety and how you can do it safely by clicking the banner above or through this link.



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1 Comment » for ASW Conversations: Staying safe when installing EV chargers
  1. John Wick says:

    Installing an electric car charger at home can be a rewarding DIY project if approached with proper knowledge and safety considerations.

    While YouTube videos can provide guidance or websites, it’s crucial to research the specific charger model, wiring requirements, and your comfort level with electricity. L2 chargers are generally easy to install, typically using two hot wires and a ground.

    However, professional assistance should be sought if you feel uncomfortable installing a 60 amp breaker in your electrical panel. Prioritize safety throughout the process and consult experts when needed.

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