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News   August 16, 2022   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: Good news for the supply chain

Supply chain professionals have done good work to navigate challenges. As a result, issues are easing and prices are coming down according to a top expert.

Tom Cook, managing director of supply chain consultancy Blue Tiger International, speaks with ASW Conversations host Peter Bulmer in part one of a two-part conversation about supply chain strains, what’s driving them, and what that means for 2023 and beyond.

Cook, who has been a speaker at automotive aftermarket events, explains that experts have spent the last two years working at supply chain disruption and their efforts are paying off.

“So a lot of the betterments and the easing that has occurred is just a result of people who are in positions of supply chain management, learning how to navigate some of these challenges through this period of [the] pandemic,” he says. “But in fact, delays still exist, but they’re not as lengthy as they once were, probably peaked somewhere in the fall of 2021.”

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In a sign of more good news, ocean freight container costs are trending downwards. How much? And when does Cook think we’ll “see some real improvement in the supply chain?” Tune into the latest episode of ASW Conversations to hear more.

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