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News   November 23, 2021   by Adam Malik

ASW Conversations: A Canadian exclusive with Bill Hanvey

On the latest episode of ASW Conversations, our managing editor Adam Malik had a Canadian exclusive interview with Bill Hanvey at AAPEX earlier this month.

Hanvey spoke at length about a number of opportunities, challenges, lessons learned and more that the automotive aftermarket seized over the last year.

In particular, Hanvey expanded on the stat that four million consumers engaged with the automotive aftermarket for the first time. They represent an opportunity to grow the industry.

“Some people tried sourdough bread, other people tried pasta, other people went out and bought an oil change kit. And when you buy an oil change kit, it’s not a one-and-done, right? ‘Oh, hey, this isn’t so bad. This is pretty easy,’” he says. “So they continue that and I think that the pandemic gave people that toe into the water, in terms of repairing their own vehicle.”

He also discussed challenges around increasing engagement around ‘right to repair’ and taking auto care collaboration global to resolve issues facing the automotive aftermarket.

You can tune into the conversation by clicking the banner above or through this link.



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