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News   March 1, 2018   by Danielle Oswald

Aeromotive launches Phantom Returnless EFI fuel pump

Aeromotive announced its new Phantom Returnless EFI fuel pump and baffle system.

The product is an all-in-one Phantom Fuel System that can adapt to any fuel tank from six to 11 inches in depth. It also includes the patented Phantom foam and bladder baffle used to maintain fuel flow and pressure.

There are many features in the Phantom Returnless pump like its built-in by-pass valve set used for 58-PSI of line pressure, this eliminates the need for an external regulator and return line from the engine. The pump supports up to 600 FWHP naturally aspirated and up to 450 FWHP forced induction on gasoline. It also eliminates hot fuel handling problems and vapor lock.

The pump has an internal bypass valve that provides a stable 55-60 PSI. The valve has an outlet and vent ports, foam baffle and bladder sump, sealing gasket, high flow pre-pump filter, and C-Ring mount.

The Phantom System is compatible with gasoline and ethanol and the turbine pumping mechanism can be pulse modulated. It also is easy to assemble as there is no need for any welding.

“Designed to be quieter, more efficient and affordable, this system is ideal for EFI conversions and motor swaps for early model muscle cars and street rods,” said Steve Matusek, president of Aeromotive.

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