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News   February 18, 2021   by Christine Hogg

Transit launches new line of ignition coils

Transit, an auto parts manufacturer and distributor in Eastern Canada, is launching Mpulse, its new line of ignition coils that will be available to its customers from Ontario to Newfoundland.

Made with premium enameled copper windings and high performance epoxy insulation, Mpulse ignition coils optimize a vehicle response time and fuel mileage while eliminating hesitation and misfiring.

Stephan Guay, the president of Transit, explains, “After receiving requests from our customers, we decided to go ahead with creating a line of ignition coils. We already had inhouse expertise, so we knew what was needed to produce an outstanding product that is both of great quality and durability. We are very happy today to be able to offer Mpulse ignition coils to our customers.”

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