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News   March 20, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Transforming Cars into Art: The Best Auto Mechanic Schools in the U.S.

The automotive service industry just keeps growing. People want their vehicles to be operable, safe, and look amazing. Why wouldn’t it grow – vehicles don’t stop breaking down and damages happen often. This means that a career as a mechanic is a great choice, especially if you like doing this. 

However, automobiles these days are more complex than before. They evolve, which means that you need to learn quite a lot to be good at this. Most employers in the field only employ people who’ve successfully finished an auto mechanic school and passed the necessary tests to demonstrate their knowledge.

Is Studying Mechanics Difficult?

Technical colleges are very affordable. They require a lot less than universities with 4-year programs. However, this doesn’t make them easy. If you study in one of these schools, you’ll need to attend every class, pass every course, and write impressive papers to land a passing grade. To get some inspiration, you can always read an essay about electric cars. You can research car topics for paper in mechanics to find free essay samples and use these as an idea, a way to learn to write, and a motivational boost.

Education might not be easy but this is no reason to give up on this. If you obtain a degree from a renowned university, you can easily qualify for a position as an automotive technician or mechanic. The things that educator are teaching in their classes will provide you with an amazing, high-paid skillset. If you are good at this, you can make a lot of money very soon. 

The Best Schools for Auto Mechanics

Whether it is a 2-year program or a bachelor’s degree program, you can get amazing training in schools in the US. This depends on your budget, your plans for the future career, as well as your training needs. 

Now without any further ado, we’d like to present to you the best auto mechanic schools in the US.

1. New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island

The New England Institute of Technology is one of the leaders in automotive service education. They have an Automotive Service Excellence-approved study plans, various good industry partnerships, and brilliant educators. 

In this school, you can learn everything from servicing vehicles to designing them. The school teaches theories of operation based on the latest industry standards and using cutting-edge equipment for diagnostics. If you complete an associate’s degree in the NE institute, you can also pursue a Bachelor’s degree in automotive or business management. 

The degrees offered here include:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Advanced Automotive Technology with Fabrication and Refinishing
  • Automotive Collision Repair Technology
  • Automotive Service Management
  • Automotive Technology with High Performance

2. University of Northwestern Ohio

Also known as UNOH, this school auto mechanic has a long reputation for being one of the best academic institutions in the country. It was established in 1920 and remains one of the leaders in diesel, automotive, and high-performance industry education. Every year, UNOH welcomes over 4,000 students and offers diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and associate degrees. 

The two bachelor’s programs available in UNOH are Automotive Technology Supervision and Automotive Technology. Seventy percent of the training is practical, giving learners a chance to learn by using the latest in automotive tools, technologies and equipment. 

The University of Northwestern Ohio is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission. 

3. Montana State University Northern 

Based in Montana, the MSUN School offers 35 programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Approximately 1100 people study in this academic institution that traces its origins back to 1929. MSUN offers programs in automotive and diesel technology with additional opportunities to specialize in field or equipment management. 

In MSUN, you can complete a fast-track program and get an associate degree in as little as 15 months. 

4. Ferris State University in Michigan

Last but not least is the FSU, a university that started as an industrial school back in 1884. In 1987, FSU became a state university offering undergraduate and graduate programs. Today, it has 7 academic colleges. 

If you enroll in the FSU associate of applied science in automotive service technology program, you’ll get access to 550 hours of practical experience. In this car mechanic school, a student can learn everything from automotive inspection and diagnosis to adjustment and service essentials in the industry. 

In addition to this, you can enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering technology or automotive management once you complete your associate program. 

Wrapping Up

Mechanics have an interesting and high-paid job these days, so dedicating some time to get trained in the field is never a bad idea. This is a cost-effective option and an investment in a promising future. If you picked your school, apply to it and – good luck!

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