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News   September 12, 2017   by Adam Malik

Snap-on releases Zeus diagnostic tool

Technicians can now diagnose, repair and manage issues with Snap-on’s new intelligent diagnostic software, Zeus (EEMS342).

The company said in an announcement that the Zeus platform “practically anticipates” what technicians will do next and guides them through the steps to find solutions to problems. The software will only show information that is pertinent to the specific vehicles being worked on and fault code. It will skip diagnostic and repair information that the technician does not need.

The platform offers a scan tool, lab scope, functional tests, Fast-Track guided component tests, SureTrack expert information, technical service bulletins, oil specifications and resets, optional ShopKey Pro repair information and more. According to Snap-on, Zeus uses ‘smart data’ to automatically configure the display to show vehicle data parameters (PID) relevant to the fault code, while non-related data parameters are filtered out. It also highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range.

The accompanying compact scan module is cordless and wireless. The One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear capability quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle.

“Zeus is the smart choice for anyone who wants the most troubleshooting and repair information possible and wants to access it without wading through unnecessary steps,” said Helen Taylor, senior marketing manager at Snap-on Diagnostics.

A software agreement is required to access the diagnostic functions on Zeus.

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  1. Hi I am opening a small mechanic shop and I need some scan tools to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems on the vehicles

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