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News   June 14, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Road Trips In Students’ Life: Exploring the Benefits of Car Ownership

Many changes make you feel more like an independent adult in college. Getting a car for yourself is one of these things that help you relish your freedom. Owning an auto in college isn’t as easy as it seems – there are several factors to consider. Aside from the cost of having one, there are other points to consider, like recurring payments, traffic jams, and personal preference. While getting an auto is irrevocably yours, you have to make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Car Ownership As a Student

You have to weigh the pros and cons that apply before deciding.


  • Convenience

One of the perks is how convenient it becomes to move around. You can efficiently juggle different activities when you have your auto, unlike when you rent a car. Compared to walking and cycling, you could drive home for a short rest during free hours between classes. Generally, people experience less stress when they have personal cars.

  • Forgetting about students’ assignments with research paper writing service

There are many campuses located in towns without sustainable transport options. Your car ownership gives schedule flexibility, as you can make as many stops as you want. You create more time for travel when employing the online writing help of a research paper writing service. During periods of several essay writing assignments, the professional service helps you to complete your essays accurately and on time. You shouldn’t be tied down with papers, but you need to enjoy driving with your friends.

  • Better social life

The social perks cannot be overstated. It helps to explore places you might have found impossible if deciding to walk or bike. For instance, your parents aren’t cool with you going out of town with your friends in the household car. But when having your auto, you go as far as you want with your friends.

  • Efficient time planning

Car ownership makes it easier for you to plan your time than household one. When you own an automobile, you plan without depending on anyone. If you plan to get home by 7 pm, you can simply drive home early enough to meet, unlike riding with a friend.


  • Parking space

Regardless of your campus size, parking spaces tend to be insufficient. This is a common problem you wouldn’t have to experience if you were walking and biking.

As minute as it seems, looking for a suitable space at the parking spot can eat into your schooling time. While you don’t have to worry about parking with a car rental, it’s an inevitable problem when owning an auto.

  • Cost

Another problem associated with having an auto is the cost. Even if you got the auto without paying, gas and regular servicing may affect your living expenses. Owning a car and keeping it in a good state is a recurring expense.

How To Choose a Car 

Here are the essential tips to help you choose the right model:

  • Your style is a major determinant- however, ostentatious buying isn’t worth it in the long run.
  • Used or new? While it is a general belief among many people that older autos are more rugged, it’s not always true. Make sure to calculate every possible replacement cost throughout the car’s life. From tire replacement to other issues that seem little, they drastically add up, so you have to plan accordingly.
  • Resale value- As the years pass, vehicles tend to depreciate. So if you’re planning to resell and use the money for something, you need to consider what exactly you’d get.
  • Remember to consider warranty provisions 
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Insurance rates

Drive Away: What to Visit For Your First Trip

These are fun locations you could drive to with your friends:

  • Overseas Highway, Florida
  • Smoky Mountains, Tennessee
  • Havasu Falls, Arizona
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • San Juan Skyway, Colorado


Cruising around in your auto is a delightful idea. However, it involves much more planning than having the vehicle’s face value. It is essential to consider the effects of car acquisition on your budget and general lifestyle.

Ultimately, your choice regarding auto ownership depends on your location, preference, and particular situation. You may dislike the idea if your campus is in a small town and you hate maneuvering narrow roads. On the other hand, you’ll enjoy owning a car if going to a college or school where access and parking are made easier than others.


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