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News   April 13, 2017   by Adam Malik

Re-configuring driverless interiors

The interior of the Rinspeed Oasis, a concept driverless car.

One research group expects shared driverless vehicles will be in full swing by 2030. And based on what we’ve seen, the cars are pretty bland. From the outside, anyway.

But the interior? Expect a complete transformation, says the ABI Research Institute.

With consumers being able to summon a vehicle when needed, the London-based group predicts that car manufacturers will design interiors to be reconfigurable per the individual needs and preferences of whoever is using the vehicle at the time.

Car makers have been working towards figuring out what to do with interiors once drivers won’t be responsible for driving vehicles, says James Hodgson, industry analyst at ABI Research. And it’s also time to figure out how to personalize it, he adds.

More than 11 million shared driverless cars will be on streets around the world in less than 15 years with 64 users per vehicle, the group predicts.

ABI highlighted recent concept cars featuring physically and digitally reconfigurable interiors, such as the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, Rinspeed Oasis, and Chrysler Portal. This allows passengers to adapt the vehicle to support different uses, whether it be using it as a living space or an office.

OEMs, Hodgson says, will be striving to develop interior spaces that match consumer needs and preferences.

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