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News   April 15, 2020   by Allan Janssen

Quebec reopens auto repair trade

Auto repair shops in Quebec can reopen today as the provincial government relaxes restrictions it imposed on some trades out of fear of coronavirus spread.

The province also extended the deadline for removing studded tires to June 5 – more than a month beyond the usual deadline of May 1.

Effective today, regular service and maintenance activity, repairs, tire swaps and oil changes will be allowed on all vehicles. Restrictions were also eased on suppliers of products, parts, and equipment required for transportation and logistics services.

Workers and customers at auto repair shops must maintain social distancing requirements.

The provincial government’s original list of essential services included auto repair but only for emergency work.

In a press conference Monday, Quebec Premier François Legault reopened a number of trades, including residential construction, mines, and gardening centres.

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1 Comment » for Quebec reopens auto repair trade
  1. Daren Hodgson says:

    While I understand that shops need to open and get rolling again, I personally think that it’s premature (if not foolish) to think that it would be safe enough to put everyone from oneself / family and employees all the way to the customer and subsequent customers for a tire swap or oil change.
    We still haven’t seen the peak of this 1st wave and they’re loosening restrictions which will more than likely bring on the 2nd wave sooner and then have to shut everything down again.
    They’re not taking any lessons from the first countries to be hit and are getting hit again now.
    I have been closed since the 13th (a full week before the government forced most businesses to close) because I couldn’t count on people to follow preventive measures. And I have no plans to open before June at the earliest or until it’s safe to resume.
    Thankfully, we’re in a postion to be able to do that.
    I know not all are.
    It’s not worth the risk for a few dollars in the short term.

    I still answer calls and e-mails and when I ask customers when the last time their car was disinfected, they think about it then realize it’s never been done.
    Also then do they realize just how risky it is for us to get in and out and possibly risk a whole bunch more people by getting into other cars and so on.
    Then they’re not in such a hurry anymore.
    They won’t wear out their tires as they’re not supposed to be driving that much anyway…
    Almost all are thankful to be informed once it’s pointed out to them and appreciate it.
    Just my opinion..

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