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PTSD: A Horrible Condition that Haunts Car Accident Victims in Phoenix

Each year, many road users are involved in car accidents in Phoenix. Unfortunately, most of these car crashes cause fatal and serious injuries. Some of the collisions are very traumatic. This is the reason why motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of PTSD.

Unlike other types of trauma that can heal depending on the support system a victim has, PTSD can last for a longer period and can greatly affect one’s normal way of life. If you are involved in a car accident in Phoenix and later show symptoms of PTSD, do not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Phoenix, who will help you get fair compensation.

Symptoms of PTSD


Casualties who suffer from PTSD often try to avoid things or situations that remind them of the traumatic event and may never accept discussing it.

Thought and mood change

Accident victims usually think depressingly about themselves and others, face difficulties in maintaining relationships, do not have hope for the future, or experience a loss of interest in what they once loved.

Unwanted memories

Casualties with PTSD from an accident often recall the unfortunate event, experience unpleasant memories, have disappointing dreams, and experience stress when reminded of the incident.

Change to emotional and physical reactions.

A PTSD accident victim is easily frightened, always ready for danger, experiences trouble concentrating or sleeping, or always feels guilty and shameful. Most of them cope with alcohol or drug use to numb the pain.

How to treat PTSD

Casualties with PTSD from accidents can be diagnosed after a mental or psychological examination. After being diagnosed, a patient can be treated with medication or therapy. The most common PTSD treatment examples include:

1. Exposure therapy: It helps victims carefully face the memories that could make them experience the trauma again.

2. Cognitive therapy: The doctor usually helps the victim recognize patterns preventing them from moving forward. A victim can decide to go individually or as a group to therapy to cope with PTSD.

3. Medications: Apart from therapy, doctors can recommend anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants, and Prazosin, a drug that helps suppress bad dreams and nightmares. A victim can decide to go individually or as a group to therapy to cope with PTSD.

Compensation for PTSD can be available after a vehicle accident. For a victim to recover PTSD compensation from a car accident, they need to prove:

i. That it’s the other driver’s responsibility for the accident; a victim needs to prove that the other driver was more reckless than they (the driver) would have been. The cause of the accident here must be carelessness.
ii. That they have PTSD from the road accident.
iii. The post-traumatic stress disorder is affecting their life in such a way that they have to be compensated. For example, PTSD could have interfered with how a victim works normally, and it could be financially draining the victim.

There needs to be hard evidence proving the above facts, which includes a medical specialist’s diagnosis and legitimate proof of ways in which PTSD is affecting the victim.


The outcome of a car accident in Phoenix, in most cases, leavesa trajectory of devastation that goes far beyond physical damages and body injuries. For many victims, PTSD, which may not be visible, overshadows their lives, interfering with relationships, occupation, and general well-being.

However, with proper analysis, medication, and support, victimsstruggling with PTSD can hope for a healing journey and regain their sense of normalcy. PTSD victims deserve to becompensated since the condition is dangerous and long-term, and treating it can put a financial strain on the family. As a survivor, be sure to contact your car accident lawyer to ensure that you get fair compensation.


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