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Air hammer



Mueller-Kueps has released a High Performance Air Hammer, with its own “Vibro-Impact” System.

The High-Performance Air Hammer, No. EQ-290 206, is described a great system to have for loosening tight and frozen connections.

It helps to disassemble conical seat connections, wheel bearings, bushings, rusted screw connections and more. This Air Hammer features an integrated Quick-Chuck for changing out adapters which saves the mechanic time if he needs to vibrate more than one part.

The variable speed trigger, with a maximum of 2200 BPM, allows for greater control when loosening connections. Spring vibration dampening provides you with a quieter machine reaching only 100 dBA and reduces the impact on the mechanic’s arm and hand. The extra length of the barrel, a total of 11.5”, as well as the extra thick housing gives you more power while a rubber grip absorbs shock to reduce user fatigue.