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News   August 9, 2019   by Renee Montague

VDO Redi-Sensor eliminates need to mail in warranty registrations

A new warranty registration website launched by Continental Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket allows shops to register customer information making the warrantee process easier.

“We created the VDO Redi-Sensor warranty website to give technicians a faster and easier way to register their customer’s warranties,” notes Lindsay Smith, Continental TPMS product manager. “Utilizing the VDO Redi-Sensor Warranty site, technicians can quickly check the warranty status of each of their customers TPMS sensors and can easily register any new TPMS sensors they install.”

The customers personal and vehicle information is stored making it easier for shops to alert customers to the status of their warranty and file a claim if needed.

The website also features a commenting tool for technicians to communicate with VDO customer service representatives, as well as a collection of downloadable TPMS installation instruction sheets for popular vehicle makes.

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