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News   November 22, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

Miami Car Accident Statistics


Miami’s congested roads create many opportunities for car accidents. Along with poor road conditions and dangerous driving behaviors, it’s one of the most dangerous cities for driving.

Miami car accidents happen in a variety of ways, some of them leading to injuries while others leave families grieving over the loss of a loved one. When driving in Miami, it’s important to drive safely to avoid becoming part of the accident statistics.


Recent Statistics for Car Crashes in Miami

The real-time crash dashboard by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) provides a summary for motor vehicle accident statistics in the state, which can also be used to determine statistics for each county.

According to this crash dashboard, for 2023, there were 57,872 motor vehicle accidents in Miami. Those crashes resulted in 26,747 injuries and 324 fatalities. These statistics also show 888 crashes with bicycles, resulting in 21 fatalities.


There were 1,151 motorcycle crashes in Miami in 2023 with 60 fatalities while pedestrian accidents totaled at 1,629 with 83 fatalities. There are also statistics listed for hit-and-run accidents at 19,329 for the year, resulting in 3,303 injuries and 32 fatalities.


Common Causes of Car Crashes in Miami-Dade County

In Miami, the most common cause of car crashes is careless driving. Careless driving includes distracted driving, such as by texting, eating, grooming, fiddling with the sound system, or engaging with passengers instead of fully paying attention to the road.


It also includes improper awareness at intersections or when changing lanes. In addition to these driving behaviors, speeding is another top contender for causing Miami auto accidents. While this can mean a driver is going above the posted speed limit, it also applies to using excessive speed for the condition of the road based on the current weather or traffic conditions. In other words, many Miami drivers drive too fast in the rain or when traffic is stop-and-go.

Another cause for Miami car wrecks is failure to yield to the right of way. This usually occurs at intersections when a driver neglects to wait their turn. In an intersection, many drivers fail to yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn. Some even fail to yield to cross traffic when they are going straight.


Anyone who has driven in Miami long enough knows that tailgating is another common cause of accidents here. When drivers do not leave enough room between their vehicle and the car in front of them, they are more likely to crash.

How to Drive Miami Roads Safely

One of the best ways to drive safely in Miami is to always be alert and focused on the road. You can pay attention to dangerous behaviors and stay away from drivers who exhibit them. Since there are many people on bicycles, motorcycles, and foot all around, it’s always wise to be cautious when changing lanes, moving through intersections, or making turns.

You’ll know a careless driver when they pull out into traffic or make a wild maneuver without any regard for anyone else. You may not always be able to avoid people like this, but defensive driving can help you stay safer.


While it may be frustrating to sit in traffic, speeding will only put you and your loved ones in danger. You should refrain from distractions behind the wheel, too, since it only takes a second for an accident to occur. If your eyes are on the road, you’re more likely to spot a careless driver before they have the chance to crash into you. 

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