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News   May 1, 2019   by Renee Montague

Meet Tungsten the tyrannosaurus


What do you do with an old wrench?  Why not turn it into a dinosaur?

Shawn Gavigan of Dave’s Garage in Aurora, Ont. is doing just that. He turns bits of metal, old tools, nuts, and bolts into decorations like flowers, people, and abstract art… and the kind of dinosaurs that his son loves.

He’s also devised unique furniture for the garage, like a magazine rack and coat rack.

“Customers will ask me if it is for sale,” said Shawn. As flattering as that is, he had to tell them no.

Shawn has been working at Dave’s for 18 years so you are sure to see many of his projects around the garage.

Thanks to Andrej Baca, Dave’s Garage customer, for bringing this to our attention and supplying the photos.

Do you have example of weld art at your shop? Send it in and we’ll share it with everyone!



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