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News   April 27, 2009   by Auto Service World

New Carter Fuel Delivery Products Catalogue Released

The 2009 Carter Fuel Delivery Products Catalogue from Federal-Mogul Corporation highlights the company’s commitment to offering industry-best coverage and an impressive range of new aftermarket-engineered solutions that help eliminate fuel system service comebacks.

Now available through leading replacement parts distributors, the 2009 Carter catalogue (No. 3879) features more than 150 new replacement fuel delivery assemblies, modules, pumps and accessories for domestic and foreign-nameplate applications up to and including the 2008 model year. This aggressive investment in application coverage underscores Federal-Mogul’s mission to be a one-stop resource of virtually any premium-quality replacement fuel product for any popular passenger vehicle or performance application.

In addition to significantly increased coverage, the new catalogue features scores of existing fuel modules and pumps that have been extensively updated by Federal-Mogul engineers to include the latest turbine-style pump technology, Carter CleanScreen strainers, robust new electrical connections and other exclusive enhancements that help ensure better-than-OE durability and performance. Turbine pumps provide significantly longer service life and quieter operation than the OE-style gerotor pumps still offered by other aftermarket suppliers. The Carter CleanScreen fuel strainer, identified by its unique, green filter material, offers nearly twice the contaminant retention capacity of conventional OE and aftermarket-style strainers and provides 40 per cent longer continuous operation than other materials before contaminants impede flow to the fuel pump. Strainers clogged by fuel contaminants are a leading cause of fuel delivery problems.

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