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Feature   August 19, 2020   by Allan Janssen

By the Numbers: Why increased customer retention is such a good thing




The percentage increase in customer retention rate that will yield a 25%-100% increase in profits.

Frederick F. Reichheld, The Loyalty Effect



Average age of technician in the United States.

Automotive Training Managers Council annual survey



Percentage of do-it-yourselfers who say online videos are their primary source for learning how to repair their vehicles. In recent years, online videos have displaced repair manuals (27%), mechanics (21%), and family members (18%).

NPD Group



In 2019, the share of global light vehicles powered by Internal combustion engine only.

IHS Markit



By 2035, the predicted share of global light vehicles powered by Internal combustion engine only.

IHS Markit



Percentage of Canadians who say they have told a driver to stop texting or engaging in phone calls while behind the wheel.


4 TB

The amount of data a Level 3 autonomous vehicle produces internally per day. That includes 20-40MB of data per second from cameras, and 10-70MB per second from Lidar

National Automotive Service Information Task Force


2 million

Number of fully electric vehicles sold globally in 2018. That’s up from just a few thousand in 2010. EV sales are expected to hit 10 million by 2025, 28 million by 2030 and surpass 56 million by 2040, when they will account for 57% of all passenger vehicle sales.

Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019, BloombergNEF



Percentage of Canadians who say tax credits and subsidies are a major factor in the purchase decision for an electric vehicle. A further 28% consider it a minor factor.

J.D. Power Mobility Confidence Index



In 2018, the ratio of people per car in Canada. Only the U.S. and New Zealand have lower ratios – both at 1.1 persons per car. By contrast, China has 1.4 billion people and 207.6 million vehicles for a ratio of 6.7 persons per car.

2020 Auto Care Association Fact Book