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News   April 19, 2024   by Auto Service World Staff

How Concealing Information Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim in Nebraska

Nebraska has seen more car accidents in recent times. After experiencing a car accident, you’ve likely been advised that honesty is the best policy.

When it comes to dealing with your lawyer and the court, this may have negative effects. Keeping information to yourself is the most effective way to jeopardize your case, or worse, get it thrown out of court.

When you hire a car accident attorney in Nebraska, they will need to know everything that transpired, even if you share responsibility for the incident.

If you conceal any information, you risk any of the following consequences:

Loss of Credibility

If you tell your lawyer one thing about the accident and later your details begin to switch up, your initial statement will be contradicted, and you might end up perjuring yourself.

The insurance adjuster or jury might spot the inconsistencies in your story and get suspicious. If this happens, your entire claim will be jeopardized, thereby making it more difficult to get the compensation that you deserve.

Lying to an attorney has never worked out in anyone’s favor. Your attorney is on your team. It would be in your best interest to tell them the truth and stick with it in court.

Missed Evidence

You’d be leaving your lawyer in the dark if you failed to disclose important details, such as pre-existing conditions or previous traffic violations. The insurance company could exploit the information you’ve kept hidden from your lawyer and argue that the accident didn’t cause the injury you’re claiming.

Comparative Fault Laws

Nebraska’s “comparative negligence” system means the amount you receive depends on how much fault you share for the accident.

If you were texting at the time of the accident and failed to mention it to your lawyer, your percentage of fault would increase, thereby reducing the compensation you eventually receive.

Policy Breaches

A common clause in your insurance policy is that you have to disclose all relevant details of an accident. If you fail to uphold this, the insurance company might consider it a breach of contract and subject you to certain penalties.

Imagine paying for car insurance only to find out your claim gets denied because you withheld crucial information. A breach of contract can potentially lead to the denial of your claim altogether.

Don’t risk losing the very protection you paid for – be upfront and honest with your attorney to ensure a smooth claims process and access to the coverage you deserve.

Fraud Charges

Lying to your lawyer or the court itself is a serious crime that can get you in serious legal trouble. Do not intentionally tweak the facts of your case so you can get a fair payout. This can be considered insurance fraud.

Let your lawyer come up with efficient strategies for compensation. You do not have to risk your future by trying to deceive the system.

Difficulty Getting Medical Records

Failing to disclose pre-existing conditions to a doctor will make his job of diagnosing you accurately more difficult. Your attorney will need these records to establish a connection between the accident and your injuries.

The insurance company has scheming lawyers who are very capable of digging up the information you think you’ve kept hidden. If they bring this up in court, your lawyer may not have what it takes to shut down their line of argument.


Your lawyer is not one to judge you; that’s the judge’s and jury’s duty. They are there to be your legal representatives. Keeping them in the dark is the worst thing to do, and it can have dire effects on your case.

The more information your attorney has, the better equipped they are to investigate your claim thoroughly, build a strong case, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

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