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Lindertech Training Event Toronto

April 19 - April 21, 2018
Cochrane Automotive Shop 73 Chauncey Ave. Toronto M8Z 2Z2


Spring 2018 three day Lindertech training event Toronto

Presented by Cochrane Automotive; Training line 416-236-1763

Locations: Hilton Garden Inn 1870 Matheson Blvd., Mississauga, Ont. L5W 0B3 & Cochrane Automotive Shop 73 Chauncey Ave. Toronto M8Z 2Z2

Lindertech is recognized as an industry leader in high quality advanced Business and Technical Training that technicians need to run their business and repair today’s complex vehicles.

Thursday April 19 2018

Cochrane Shop 8:00am-4:30pm

Instructor: Rick White, Getting to “YES” With Confidence

The workshop goes through four different sections throughout the day. The first one is called connecting for cash which will teach service advisors how to genuinely connect with someone, how to reduce customer stress and increase their trust in you, and how to identify and work with a customer’s unique buying style. The second one is obstacles to opportunity which show workers how to Identify and deal with common bottlenecks in your shop robbing you of money every day, teach you the one thing you

must do every day to grow your business, and show you the difference between hunting and farming and why it’s important to you. The third one is presenting for profit which show how to present positively & successfully, how to keep your customer’s stress down, and how to ask for the sale with confidence. The fourth and final one is overcoming objections, the instructor will teach the difference between a complaint and an objection and why it matters, the best time to deal with an objection, and how to address the objection to create a win-win scenario.

Friday April 20 2018

Hilton Garden Inn 8:00am-4:30pm

Instructor: Donny Seyfer, Dr. Anuja Sonalker, The “Connected Car” Where the OEM’s are going

The workshop will go through the latest version of the connected car. Technicians will learn an opening level set to explain terms and what vehicles are equipped with on the street today, how forward sensing cameras actually work and network with other ECUs on the vehicle, how a radar sensor interacts with its software and how do you diagnose it, practical ways to diagnose many of these sensors with tools you already own, personal cyber security measures, shop specific cyber security measures that protect your assets and your customers, and a deep dive into how a level 4 vehicle uses all the systems available today to do its job.

Instructor: David Hobbs, 48 different volt systems for today and tomorrow, Radar, Lidar, Lane Departure, Adaptive Cruise, Mazda compression ignition

48 different volt systems for today and tomorrow: The rising bar of C.A.F.E. fuel economy standards is having a profound effect on new technologies. 48-Volt Electrification is one of those new technologies happening now across several OEM lines including Dodge Ram pick-up trucks for the 2019 model year. Combined with variable displace- ment engine technologies, these multi voltage systems (12-volt and 48-volt) will help bridge the gap between more expensive higher voltage HEVs and conventional gasoline internal combustion powertrains. In this course we’ll cover safety equipment & procedures for working on higher voltage systems, 48-volt Li-Ion battery pack operation and diagnostics, power electronics (inverter / converter) operation and diagnostics, and DC high voltage isolation circuits and AC electrical circuit.

Radar, Lidar, Lane Departure, Adaptive Cruise: ADAS (Automated Driver Assist Systems) are becoming common on today’s vehicles as we move closer and closer to fully autonomous vehicles. Will you be ready to service them? In this course we’ll cover levels of ADAS systems, hardware overview, camera aiming equipment, windshield and paint concerns, ABS, electronic throttle & E-steering interactions/customer concerns, and diagnostic do’s and don’ts.

Mazda Compression Ignition: While you may still see spark plugs in newer engines, they may not be used under all conditions. Mazda’s new SkyactivX engine promises to revolutionize the gasoline combustion engine by creating combustion w/o spark ignition. Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) has finally been perfected to allow for compression ignition w/o the extreme knock and NOx emissions. In this course we’ll cover system operation and overview, in cylinder pressure transducers, Mazda high response air supply (supercharger), and stepper motor actuated VVT.

Saturday April 21 2018

Cochrane Shop 8:00am-4:30pm

Instructors: Steve Zack, Donny Seyfer, Anuja Sonalker, GM instructor, and John Cochrane, “Hands On”

The last course will go over target calibration, automated driverless systems, demo on GM’s new technology on the automated driver assist platform, Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) is the agreement supporting the right to repair Issue, and NASTF (National Automotive Service Task Force).

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